As a specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law, Dr. Thomas Müller is your excellently qualified advisor for all legal questions in the area of management. 

Attorney Dr. Müller takes care of the drafting of contracts between companies and managing directors, executive boards, supervisory boards as well as other bodies and advisors. In doing so, he always keeps an eye on ensuring that the contractual drafting takes into account all potential risks and necessary legal requirements as far as possible. With a reliable and solid set of contracts from attorney Dr. Müller, you can avoid disputes in advance.

Business managers regularly have to deal with a wide variety of legal issues in their day-to-day work. Therefore, they have known Dr. Müller for many years as a friendly, competent, and helpful attorney. Dr. Thomas Müller always has an answer for legal questions that arise daily. Do you also want to secure your business decisions with a solid legal foundation? Legal expertise, which you use in good time before making your business decisions, can save you a lot of inconeniences in the future. 

Of course, attorney Dr. Müller will stand up for your goals even if you have already been confronted with legal challenges. Even in difficult cases, you can count on expert advice. An energetic and success-oriented assertion of your interests by Dr. Müller provides you with clear prospects for the future that are optimal for you.

The expertise of attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller in the area of management covers not exclusively but in particular the following subject areas:

Employment contracts for managing directors, board members, supervisory board members, advisory board members and other bodies.
Consulting agreements.
Participation programs and bonus arrangements for managing directors, board members and senior executives (e.g. Virtual Share Program).
Termination of board positions by mutual agreement or in dispute.
Ongoing legal advice in operational and strategic business.
Examination and enforcement or defense of liability claims against managing directors, executive board, supervisory board, and advisory board.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact for you for all questions concerning the legal field of management.

Does your company need legally secure employment contracts for board members?
As a shareholder, do you want to dismiss a managing director and have liability claims based on faulty management measures examined and enforced?
Would you like to establish an employee participation program?
As a managing director, do you want to obtain expert legal advice before making important decisions?
Do you want to protect your actions with a legal opinion in the sense of the Business Judgement Rule?
As a manager, have you been confronted with liability claims on the part of the company?

If you are a (future) managing director, executive board, supervisory board, or advisory board member and cannot find your specific concern on this page, Dr. Müller will work out an individual solution for you.