Real Estate

In the area of real estate, attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller advises companies and private individuals on the drafting of contracts, as well as in legal disputes with contractual partners. Dr. Müller's work covers all areas of real estate purchase and sale, including the sale of real estate companies. 

For his clients in the commercial and private sectors, Dr. Thomas Müller not only draws up real estate purchase contracts, but also enforces his clients' interests in negotiations. Subsequently, Dr. Müller assists his clients in the provision of collateral as well as in the execution of the contract. You too can rely on the expert support of Dr. Thomas Müller in all phases of your real estate purchase or sale process.

Dr. Müller approaches tasks in the field of real estate transfers, in particular by way of anticipated succession, with particular sensitivity, as they usually involve transfers within the family circle. In his advice, he keeps tax aspects in mind as well as the interests of the contractual partners involved. 

In addition, Dr. Müller advises his clients on commercial lease law including usufructuary lease. Regardless of whether you are a lessor or lessee, attorney Dr. Müller will provide you with professional support. Your intentions, underpinned by the latest case law, are thoughtfully incorporated into Dr. Müller's contracts. Thus you can benefit from the legal solutions for commercial lease law devised by Dr. Thomas Müller.

Early legal examination and precise contract drafting are of particular importance in commercial lease agreements. Experience has shown that the long terms and associated legal obligations common in commercial lease agreements can cause great difficulties for the contracting parties. Unfortunately, it is still far too often seen that the contracting parties only turn to a lawyer after serious problems have arisen. Advice from Dr. Müller at the right time will give you more security in your business dealings.

If you are already in a contractual constellation that is unfavorable to you, the question arises as to whether your contracts can be terminated prematurely or adjusted. Especially in the problematic times of the COVID pandemic and increasing energy costs, attorney Dr. Müller helps his clients to enforce their rights in the context of the current hurdles.

The expertise of attorney-at-law Dr Thomas Müller in the area of real estate includes not exclusively but in particular the following subject areas:

Lease of commercial real estate.
Heritable building right.
Design and exercise of pre-emption rights.
Formation of real estate companies.
Real estate financing.
Real estate purchase.
Real estate donation.
Real estate inheritance.
Sale of real estate.
Co-owner associations (not WEG).
Usufruct, residential rights, and other rights of use.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact person for you for all questions relating to real estate law.

Do you intend to buy or sell a property or a real estate company?
Are you in a dispute with a contractual partner and need legal support in negotiating and/or enforcing or defending claims in court?
Do you, as a co-owner of a property (Co-ownership by fractional shares, no WEG), require legal support in the event of disagreements within the co-owners' community?
Would you like to use a property as collateral for a loan or grant rights of use to the property?
Would you like to lease a property commercially?
Would you like to lease your property commercially?
Would you like to pass on your property by way of anticipated succession during your lifetime?
Would you like to exercise your contractual or statutory rights of first refusal to purchase real estate?

If you have a concern about real estate (except for residential tenancy and WEG law), Attorney Dr. Thomas Müller ambitiously brings his competences into play for your benefit.