Companies & Entrepreneurs

As a specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law, Dr. Thomas Müller is your knowledgeable advisor for all legal questions in the field of entrepreneurship. 

In the area of companies and entrepreneurs, Dr. Müller advises companies on all matters of corporate law. This includes, among other things, the preparation and implementation of shareholders' meetings including draft resolutions, the drafting of company and cooperation agreements, the solution of group and conversion law issues as well as the liquidation of companies.

Legal advice for founders, young entrepreneurs and start-ups is particularly close to Dr Müller's heart. Often a lawyer is only consulted when there are already disputes between co-founders. Most of these differences could have been avoided in advance with a good set of contracts. Unfortunately, founders often use publicly available model contracts. The use of such models is often associated with considerable disadvantages, especially in the case of new and innovative business models. Legally sound contracts that are adapted to the individual business model are highly recommendable - they protect against unwanted court cases and ultimately only bring advantages. Dr. Müller advises founders professionally from the perspective of a specialist lawyer, points out the typical pitfalls and draws up legally secure contract concepts. 

Attorney Dr. Müller accompanies young companies and start-ups on their way to success even after they have been founded. He advises start-ups in negotiations with partners from the venture capital and private equity sectors up to the later sale of the established company to strategic investors or private equity funds.

The expertise of attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller in the area of companies and entrepreneurs covers not exclusively but in particular the following topics:

Consulting agreements.
Participation programs and bonus schemes for managing directors, board members and senior executives (e.g. Virtual Share Program).
Participation agreements (e.g. sub-participation, silent partnership, usufruct).
Exit, i.e. sale of the company.
Shareholder agreements, especially when investors or business angels are involved.
Ongoing legal advice in operational and strategic business.
Corporate financing, in particular advice and support in financing rounds with investors.
Company formation, in particular drafting of articles of association, articles of incorporation, managing director or executive board employment contracts.
Company liquidation.
Corporate structuring (outside of a crisis), in particular the establishment of subsidiaries and the formation of groups.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact person for you for all questions concerning entrepreneurship.

As a founder, do you need an all-round carefree package?
Does your company need legal support in all ongoing matters of company law (e.g. shareholders' meetings, resolutions)?
Do you have questions in the area of commercial and distribution law?
As a shareholder, do you want to sell or liquidate your company?
As an entrepreneur or shareholder, do you want to set up new corporate structures, e.g. by founding subsidiaries, outsourcing corporate divisions, or creating a group structure in a legally secure manner?
Would you like to get an overview of the necessary contracts in the initial meeting?
Is your start-up looking for an investor and needs legal support?

Dr. Müller deals with each business project, each business idea, each industry peculiarity and, of course, each individual entrepreneur very individually and with foresight. With Dr. Thomas Müller, you will not only feel understood, but you can also creatively incorporate the knowledge of the necessary legal details into your business strategies.