Dr. Thomas Müller is admitted to the bar in Munich and can appear for his clients at any district court, regional court, or higher regional court throughout Germany.

Timely legal advice as well as legally secure contracts can prevent a whole mass of problems in advance and of course also protect against potential litigation. Nevertheless, there are situations in which an amicable solution is no longer an option, and a court case is unavoidable. Attorney Dr. Müller has already successfully conducted hundreds of proceedings before numerous courts throughout Germany and can therefore provide his clients with sound legal and tactical support in all litigation situations. 

As the plaintiff's representative, Dr. Müller examines the prospects of success and cost risks of a lawsuit and, if desired, presents the results in a legal opinion. If the case is expected to be successful, Dr. Müller will file a lawsuit. Attorney Dr. Thomas Müller draws your attention at this point to the fact that one of his professional tasks is to advise his clients objectively and honestly. In this sense, it may well be that Dr. Müller has to advise you against a lawsuit, even if your current emotional state demands the opposite. Your objective added value is what counts in the end.

As the defendant's representative, Dr. Müller will examine the possibilities of a promising defense and will represent the defendant in court. In the case of defendants, Dr. Müller also addresses your concerns with a profound understanding of the legal matter and makes a recommendation that is expedient and takes your interests into account holistically.

The expertise of Dr. Thomas Müller in the area of litigation covers not exclusively but in particular the following subject areas:

Inheritance disputes (e.g. action by the beneficiary of a compulsory share).
Disputes under company law (e.g. shareholder disputes, actions for defects in resolutions, liability of directors).
Commercial disputes (e.g. actions for damages against suppliers or customers, actions for warranty of defects, actions for commission by commercial agents).
Real estate disputes (e.g. action for reduction of the purchase price by the purchaser of real estate).
Disputes under brokerage law (e.g. actions for commission).

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact for you in all matters relating to litigation.

Do you have disputes with commission claims?
Is your contractual party not complying with the real estate purchase contract or commercial lease agreement?
As an heir, co-heir, legatee, beneficiary of a compulsory share or executor of a will, do you want to bring an action?
As a company, do you want to hold a managing director, executive board, supervisory board, or advisory board liable for incorrect decisions?
Are you as a trading partner involved in disputes about supply contracts (e.g. claiming damages due to delayed or defective delivery)?
Are you, as a party to a company purchase agreement, confronted with liability claims or would like to enforce them?
Are you, as a supervisory or advisory board, being held liable by the company for allegedly poor supervisory activities (e.g. failure to dismiss or reduce salary in relation to a board member)?
Are you, as managing director or board member, being held liable by the company because of allegedly incorrect decisions (e.g. conclusion of a transaction detrimental to the company)?