M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)

As a specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law, Dr. Thomas Müller is your highly qualified advisor for all legal questions in the field of M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions.

One focus of Dr. Müller's work in the field of M&A is providing legal support to sellers of medium-sized companies. Dr. Thomas Müller has extensive transaction experience and has handled transaction volumes ranging from single-digit to triple-digit millions, from retail transactions to corporate groups. For example, Dr. Müller acted as legal counsel on the seller side in the sale of a Munich media group to an investment company of the KKR Group  and advised the management in the sale of the broadcaster Tele 5 to Discovery. Dr. Müller acted as lead counsel to the shareholders of a telecommunications company in the sale to an UBS infrastructure fund. 

Another focus of Dr. Müller’s work is providing legal advice to the buyer side, primarily in acquisitions of small and medium-sized companies by strategic investors. The legal support usually does not end with the acquisition: Immediately after the notary appointment, Dr. Müller takes over the integration of the acquired company into the buyer structure. He then creates a legally secure contractual environment in the acquired company in consultation with all parties involved. Dr. Müller smoothly implements all changes, even in old and stodgy corporate structures. His hands-on mentality close to medium-sized businesses as well as his friendly manner serve him very well in this respect.

For Dr. Thomas Müller, in the field of M&A, as in any other field, a transparent, streamlined, high-class and at the same time considerate and humane way of working at eye level is a matter of course. 

Dr. Thomas Müller's expertise in the field of M&A covers includes not exclusively but in particular the following areas:

Joint ventures.
Acquisition and sale of companies by way of purchase of the assets (Asset Deal).
M&A process.
Private equity transactions.
Litigation (Post Merger Litigation).
Review and negotiation of M&A advisory agreements.
Legal advice on financing the acquisition of a company.
Legal due diligence of the target company.
Acquisition and sale of companies by way of purchase of the shares (Share Deal).
Company purchase agreement (SPA).
Company structuring (outside the crisis), especially after the acquisition.
Non-disclosure agreements (NDA).
Pre-acquisition agreements (LOI, Term Sheet).

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact person for you for all questions regarding the acquisition or sale of companies, as well as post-merger processes.

Do you intend to sell your small or medium-sized company?
Have you successfully built up a company as a founder or investor and now want to sell it in a so-called exit?
Do you have questions about post-merger processes?
Does your company want to sell part or all its business operations?
Would you as an investor, owner or shareholder like to have a legally secure and up to date environment in your company structures?
Do you want to acquire a company?
Would you like to integrate an acquired company into your corporate structure?

Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, board member, supervisory board member, managing director or owner – you will always feel in good hands with Dr. Müller if the fate of your company or company portfolio is also close to your heart.