Cooperations interdisciplinary

In order to be able to support his clients with only the best expertise in related fields as well, Dr. Thomas Müller maintains numerous contacts and mandate-related cooperation with fellow attorneys.

In addition, Dr. Müller has a solid network of non-legal service providers whose assistance can make a valuable contribution to the successful handling of a legal case. 


The desire to change or to create something new often requires not only professional expertise but also very personal advice from a coach. Attorney Dr. Thomas Müller recommends that his clients who are uncertain about taking the step into entrepreneurship, e.g. in the case of start-ups or spin-offs from existing structures, make use of the positive motivational effect of coaching.

M&A Advisor

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller advises the owners of medium-sized companies in particular on the sale of their company and draws up the necessary contracts. In the run-up to the sale of a company, however, numerous economic questions arise, such as determining the value of the company for the purchase price or identifying economic opportunities and risks, which must be taken into account in negotiations and contracts. Attorney Dr. Müller works with an M&A advisor who can both expertly handle the business issues of a company sale and identify a buyer for the company.

Real estate agent

In the field of real estate law, contacts with discreet and reputable estate agents are extremely helpful, for example, when it comes to selling the property of a quarrelling community of heirs as quickly and economically as possible. Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller makes the contacts from his network fruitful for you, in order to achieve not only the best possible legal, but also the best possible economic result.

Trademark search
Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller will register trademarks for you and assist you in drawing up a suitable list of goods and services in order to determine the scope of protection of your trademark. A brief check whether the trademark to be applied for already exists is a matter of course for Dr. Müller. However, in order to give his clients maximum security for their trademark application, Dr. Müller recommends a professional trademark search, which also tracks down similar trademarks, logos, signs, business and company names - if necessary, not only in Germany, but also in the EU or worldwide. The long-standing cooperation with a leading trademark search service provider ensures the highest search quality for you.
In corporate, real estate and inheritance law, the contracts drawn up by Dr. Thomas Müller often require notarial certification (e.g. formation of a limited liability company, sale of real estate, conclusion of an inheritance contract). Dr. Müller has worked with excellent notaries for many years in order to quickly implement his clients' projects in the required form. 
Since the first-class support of his clients in all specialist areas is close to the heart of attorney Dr. Thomas Müller, he cooperates, if necessary, with trusted attorney colleagues who have the highest level of competence in their respective special fields. This includes in particular the following areas of law:
- Labour law
- Building and architectural law 
- Data protection law
- Family law
- Insolvency law
- Capital market law
- Trademark law (in contentious proceedings)
- Media and press law
- Patent and design law
- Criminal law
- Administrative and constitutional law

Especially in the area of contentious corporate and real estate law, successful legal action is often only possible with the professional assistance of an expert. The value of a company or real estate can only be reliably determined with the necessary expertise. Attorney Dr. Thomas Müller has contacts to renowned experts in the field of company and real estate valuation, among others, whom he can involve in the preparation of lawsuits but also in contract negotiations in the interest of his clients.
Tax consultant
Almost every legal action has tax implications for the parties involved. Whether it concerns the tax-optimized structuring of a corporate transaction, a real estate acquisition or a succession plan, Dr. Thomas Müller has been working for many years with specialized tax advisors, whom he can also gladly consult on your project.
In addition to the area of auditing, the expertise of auditors is required for the valuation of companies. If, for example, a shareholder leaves a company, it is usually contractually agreed that the company value relevant for the settlement amount is determined according to the so-called IDW S1 standard, i.e. the principles of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany for carrying out company valuations. Attorney Dr. Thomas Müller cooperates with experienced auditors from renowned audit firms on a case-by-case basis, for example when enforcing compensation claims of shareholders.