Asset succession (Inheritance & Donation)

In the area of asset succession (inheritance and donation), attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller advises entrepreneurs and private individuals on the structuring of asset succession in business and private assets. Dr. Müller also uses his knowledge and skills to defend your interests in inheritance disputes.

Dr. Müller advises entrepreneurs on the transfer of their business to the next generation in a highly competent and expert manner. Particularly in entrepreneurial families with a long tradition, it is desirable to hand over the business while it is still alive. Attorney Dr. Müller is familiar with the possibilities of corporate and inheritance law and can also help you to realize an optimal step-by-step succession in the best possible way. 

Another focus of Dr. Müller's work in the area of inheritance law and asset succession is advising private individuals on the transfer of their assets during their lifetime by way of anticipated succession. In order to take advantage of tax allowances, it is often advisable to transfer assets to the next generation or the intended heirs during one's lifetime. Attorney Dr. Müller always advises his clients individually in these cases and works out a legally viable and detailed succession concept together with them. If you do not wish to transfer your estate during your lifetime, Dr. Müller will arrange the succession for you by means of a will or contract of inheritance. Dr. Müller's attention to details, individual approach and high level of competence give your wishes a legally secure form and give you peace of mind.

If you wish, Dr. Müller can also act as your executor. The executor is appointed by the testator in his will or contract of inheritance and has the task of administering the estate for a certain period of time and then or immediately dispersing it, i.e. distributing it in accordance with the testator's will. Execution of a will is particularly recommended if the testator has doubts as to whether certain conditions and legacies in his will will be fulfilled by the heirs, the heirs are still minors or there are numerous heirs who may be at odds with each other. In particular, if there are shares in a company in the estate or if a company is to be inherited, Dr. Müller can ensure optimal implementation of the testator's will through his specialist legal expertise in corporate law.

Tax aspects play a major role in the succession of both business and private assets. Tax allowances and exemption regulations have to be taken into account and contracts have to be drafted in a tax-optimized manner. Attorney Dr. Müller works with experienced tax advisors from his network or, if desired, with the tax advisor of your choice.

The expertise of attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller in the area of asset succession (inheritance and donation) covers the following topics in particular:

Inheritance and compulsory share waiver agreements.
Donation contracts.
Wills and contracts of inheritance.
Execution of wills.
Transfer of private and business assets during lifetime.
Entrepreneur's will.
Enduring power of attorney and general power of attorney for the entrepreneur.
Enduring power of attorney and living will.
Anticipated succession.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact person for you for all questions concerning the law of succession.

Do you need a will, a joint spouse's will, or a contract of inheritance?
Do you need legal advice on the options available under wills and company law?
Do you need legal support in an inheritance dispute?
Do you need an enduring power of attorney and/or living will?
Would you like to pass on your business to the next generation during your lifetime?
Would you like to pass on your business to the next generation by way of succession?
Would you like to transfer your assets by way of succession?
Would you like to transfer your assets by way of anticipated succession?
Are you interested in executing a will?

When is the best time to deal with the relevant inheritance law issues? - Now. Because in inheritance law, and especially in inheritance tax law, it is not a matter of years, but of decades. Especially when you are still in the best years of your life, you can set the right course early on and make the most of tax privileges.