The law firm was founded by attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller at the end of 2022 after he had worked for a renowned Munich commercial law firm for many years. The step to establish an independent entity was deliberately chosen as direct contact with his clients is particularly close to Dr. Müller's heart. For Dr. Müller, both the personal support of his clients and the personal handling of their legal cases with his own expertise are paramount. Thanks to short communication channels and constant availability, the clients of Dr. Müller's law firm receive quick contact in an uncomplicated manner.

Dr. Thomas Müller was born in Munich as the son of a public prosecutor and a judge and grew up in Starnberg. After graduating from high school in Starnberg, he studied law at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. During his legal clerkship, Thomas Müller worked at the Starnberg Local Court, the Munich II Public Prosecutor's Office, the Government of Upper Bavaria, the Munich Administrative Court, a commercial law firm in Munich and a commercial law firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During his legal clerkship, he completed his training as a business mediator (MuCDR). Dr. Müller completed his doctorate at the University of Augsburg and worked there as a research assistant. Dr. Thomas Müller was admitted to the bar in 2014 and worked first as a salaried attorney and then as a partner in a renowned Munich business law firm until he founded his own firm.

In his legal work, Dr. Thomas Müller uses his legal knowledge, imaginative argumentation strategies and legal leeway for the benefit of his clients. His aim is always to ensure that a legal strategy he has worked out is realized in contracts that are advantageous for his clients or in lawsuits that are won. 

Even in the most complex legal matter, Dr. Thomas Müller never loses sight of what is most important, namely the human perspective. Empathy and understanding, friendliness, respect and conversations at eye level are just as natural for Dr. Müller as a high level of responsibility and precision in pleadings, lawsuits, and contracts.

At the law firm of Dr. Thomas Müller, you will feel in good hands, both professionally and personally, and will always be a welcome guest.