In an initial meeting, attorney Dr. Thomas Müller will get to the bottom of your interests and goals. Whether it is a video call, a telephone conversation, lunch together, an appointment in your own office or a visit to the attorney's office - every way leads unproblematically to getting to know each other.

After a first legal evaluation of your case, Dr. Müller will suggest a suitable strategy and explain the legal details to you. According to the effort required for the legal implementation, Dr. Müller will estimate the necessary fees for you. Dr. Müller's top priority is the transparency of the fee structure and planning security for the client.

Attorney Dr. Müller usually works on the basis of an hourly fee.* Particularly in the area of contract drafting and the legal support of an extensive project, individual fee agreements, e.g. lump sum fees, are also possible.

In order to relieve the burden on (start-up) founders and start-ups in particular at the beginning of their entrepreneurial activity and to make expenses plannable attorney Dr. Müller offers individual solutions within the framework of fee agreements.

*For legal representation before German courts, the fee guidelines of the German Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers (RVG) must always be observed. In hourly fee agreements, these serve as a lower limit for the fees to be paid by the client, as the fees set by the RVG may not be undercut.