Agents & Brokers

In the area of agents and brokers, attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller draws up contracts individually for companies, entrepreneurs, and private individuals, as well as supports his clients in legal disputes with contractual partners. 

There is hardly any area of law that is regulated in only very few provisions like brokerage law, but which has an unmanageable abundance of individual case law. Since brokerage contracts usually constitute general terms and conditions, the case law on the effectiveness of general terms and conditions must also be considered. These special features make brokerage law a complicated case law. Attorney-at-law Dr. Müller faces complex issues and advises his clients in this area in a quality and comprehensive manner. Dr. Müller's detailed knowledge of brokerage law jurisdiction coupled with his expertise in the law governing general terms and conditions can also be of great benefit to you and your brokerage business.

Whether you are a company or a private individual, whether you are a tipster or have brokerage and commission agreements of all kinds - with Dr. Müller you will always receive a legally secure solution that is tailor-made for you. 

The expertise of attorney Dr. Thomas Müller in the area of agents and brokers covers not exclusively but in particular the following topics:

Enforcement and defence of claims for information and commission.
Brokerage contracts of all kinds.
Tipster, intermediary and commission agreements of all kinds.
Corporate brokerage and M&A advisor agreements.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Thomas Müller is the right contact person for you not only for questions regarding brokerage law, but also for all questions regarding brokerage of any kind.

Do you need legal support in drafting and/or negotiating a brokerage agreement?
Do you need a legally secure M&A advisory contract?
Do you intend to enforce your commission claims?
Do you want to defend commission claims as a broker client?

Whether defending or enforcing claims, whether drafting or negotiating contracts, whether mediating or litigating in court, whether dealing with tipsters, brokers, or commission agreements of all kinds - Attorney Dr. Thomas Müller dives deep into your specific concern and brings a secure solution to the surface.